Premanufacture and erection of pipes, pressurevessels, tanks, vessel, heaters and boilers.

We have a great experience in different types of work at industrial level, with qualified personnel to carryout a fast and technical assistance, and with human resources and machinery suitable for each kind of work. We have highly qualified staff to perform all kinds of work according to procedures internationally certified (ASME, API, EN - procedures.... ).

Likewise throughout the years we have carried out different works with all types of materials, carbon steel, low alloysteel, stainlesssteel, aluminium, duplex, refractory, as well as all kinds of modalities; plate, pipe and forged.

We have the means and the experience to perform, transport and special assemblies manoeuvres.


Prefabrication and erection of steel structures for industrial facilities.

We have made structures erections for chemical, petrochemical, tile industry, cement and ironwork. When it is required we design and calculate the contractstructures.


Service of maintenance of mechanical equipment in industrial installations.

For the service we are available to our customers various human resources, such as, adjusters, assemblers, wood turners, welders in different procedures, all of them trained for the most demanding jobs in industrial plants